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 · 2013 Yamaha FJR1300A – Riding Impression. It’s back and it’s better, even though it never left.. Battery Charger Top Picks. Gear and Products. Air Compressors For Motorcycle Riders.

The first bike manufactured by Yamaha was actually a copy of the German DKW RT 125; it had an air-cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder 125 cc engine YC-1 (1956) was the second bike manufactured by Yamaha; it was a 175 cc single cylinder two-stroke.

Page 2 of 4 – Xjr1300 – Top Speed? – posted in General Chat: I have to say ken. you are a fookin top bloke we take the piss a lot on here and you have just passed with flying colours am sure the guys will send a flood of ideas to help you out. i really hope ya manage to sort this problem out, and get out to have some fun on ya bike

Bridging the gap between the two is Kawasaki’s ZRX1200, which is also conspicuously faster, boasting a genuine 150mph top speed. Buy the Yamaha, but only if the deal’s right. Find a Yamaha XJR1300 for sale. Insurance group: 13 of 17 – compare motorcycle insurance quotes now.

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Yamaha XJR1300 ECU Performance Reflash. ECUnleashed Performance Reflash – Yamaha XJR1300. Remove Top Speed Limiter.

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Yamaha XJR1300 For Sale. The 1999 Yamaha XJR1300 is a retro style bike and is powered by a 1,251cc inline four engine which puts out 96bhp. It replaced the XJR1200 and was joined by the (Cafe) Racer version in 2015.