xv950r review

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The yamaha bolt continues into 2019 with that classic bobber style high tank and short. Continue reading for my review of the Yamaha Bolt.

YAMAHA SCR950 (2017-on) MCN Rating 3 out of 5View full MCN ratings MCN overall review verdict: Scrrrrsh. 51bhp air-cooled 60° V-twin as the XV950, XV950R and XV950 Racer series. And despite the SCR.

Yamaha XV950 and XV950R Bolt first ride review New Yamaha cruiser combines retro style and modern substance. (1) Reading now

Yamaha XV950 (Star Bolt) international press launch review Yamaha is introducing the XV950 Bolt for 2014. This motorcycle is a part of Yamaha Sport Heritage series, and it looks like some of Yamaha’s classics from the days gone by. But are interesting.

The XV950 Racer uses an air-cooled V-twin from the ’09 Yamaha xvs950 midnight star. But it has been tweaked to produce more torque and low to mid-range delivery, pumping out 51bhp @5500rpm and.

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Comparing the 2017 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 and the yamaha star bolt is more of an exercise in philosophy than motorcycle reviewing. The approaches from Milwaukee and Hamamatsu are.

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The Yamaha XV950R behaved flawlessly, rising fast over the crests then down on the twisty corners and the handling (stock suspension settings) was terrific. The acceleration through the gears was crisp and the brakes easily pulled me up whenever I overstepped myself – not once did the brakes lock thanks to the ABS system.