what does bolt mean

bolt shank This is a combination of the nut applying an axial clamping force and also the shank of the bolt acting as a dowel, pinning the joint against sideways shear forces. For this reason, many bolts have a plain unthreaded shank (called the grip length) as this makes for a better, stronger dowel.

Definition – What does Bolt-on Acquisition mean? A bolt-on acquisition refers to a company that is added by a private equity (PE) firm to one of its platform companies. typically, a PE firm will partner with a larger company that has a position in a particular market.

But just what does AMP consist of, and what will it mean for the marketing industry. search results that AMP sites are highlighted with a little green lightning-bolt, inviting users in to.

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Motorcycle Battery Terminal Bolts It uses a microprocessor to monitor 300 different data elements per second to determine what the motorcycle is doing. But the electronic version product we received used flat terminal spade or.20mm screws Lead screws are one of the most common linear-motion devices. endcap returns are available on shaft diameters from 5 to 20 mm and leads from 2 to 30 mm. They can handle up to five ball circuits,

Hi, @CatherineN , I had a quick look at the manual, and it seems that the lightening bolt and number indicates the number of "Active Minutes" you have for the day. For more information on Active Minuts, please see this help article .

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Flng – Hex Flange Bolt or Nut FW – Flat Washer galv – Galvanized, typically refers to Hot Dip Galvanized Gr – Grade, refers to strength level of screw or nut (ex: Grade 2, Grade 5 or Grade 8) Hardened – A product that has been heat treated HB – Hex bolt or Hardness reading measured on the Brinell Scale H.T – Heat Treated

But what do they mean? In this video our fastener specialist covers several more common head markings on bolts and what they can tell you about the fastener. Got a handle on the different head.

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