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Expansion and self-tapping inserts are available in brass for use in plastics or in the case of wood, some composite materials and light-weight castings in.

Self-tapping screws drill their own holes when they’re screwed into materials such as wood, plastic and metal. By using a screwdriver to attach a self-tapping screw, you can create precisely fitted threads. They’re ideal for combining two different types of materials or for screwing in areas where.

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Woman-owned ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of standard & custom small or tapping screws including self-tapping & stainless self-drilling screws. Types include pan head cross recessed & hex.

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This 5/16 inch-18 x 1-1/4 inch bolt is self tapping with a hex washer head.

#14 x 2" Self Tapping Screw, Stainless Steel (18-8), Phillips Flat Head, Type A (inch), (QUANTITY: 100), Type A Point, Flat, Phillips, Fully Threaded Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart.

Self-Tapping screws can cut their own threads as the screw is driven in to the material. They function by having a cutting edge which drills away the material, making a tiny hole for the screw to go into. This has nothing to do with the point of the screw but has everything to do with the.

Available in a variety of sizes and lengths, Value Fastener’s self-tapping screws meet the demands of almost any application. Self-tapping screws, including sheet metal screws, tap and thread its own hole as it is installed. Contact Value Fastener for help selecting self-tapping and sheet metal screws.

Define self-tapping. self-tapping synonyms, self-tapping pronunciation, self-tapping translation, english dictionary definition of self-tapping. adj cutting its own thread when screwed into a plain hole in a metal sheet. Self-tapping – definition of self-tapping by The Free Dictionary.

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Self-tapping screws have a wide range of tip and thread patterns, and are available with almost any possible screw head design. common features are the screw thread covering the whole length of the screw from tip to head and a pronounced thread hard enough for the intended substrate, often case-hardened.