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Nuts and Washers A320 bolts will use A194 heavy hex nuts. There are multiple grades within the A194 specification. The appropriate grade of A194 nut will be determined by the chemistry and strength of the fastener grade.

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About Portland Bolt. Portland Bolt provides anchor bolts and nonstandard construction fasteners directly to contractors, steel fabricators, OEMs, and other construction-related companies worldwide.. We manufacture and galvanize headed, bent, and threaded fasteners from 1/2" to 6" in diameter.

Our printable 'lay-over' sizing charts for measuring and distinguishing between USS and SAE pattern washers. PDF US Nut 'Lay-over' Sizing Chart.

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Determine the correct size and type of bolt, nut and washer for your application. This will depend on the type of connection being made, the materials being used, the strength of the bolt, standards and regulations for the application and a variety of other factors.

stainless steel bolts grades Stainless Steel Fasteners to BS EN ISO 3506 grades a1, A2 (A3) & A4 (A5) Stainless steel fasteners are specified in BS EN ISO 3506 Part 1 covers bolts, screw & studs. Part 2 covers nuts and part 4 (published in 2003), covers tapping screws.

If there was only one washer, it generally will go on the nut side as the nut has less surface area in contact with the thing being connected than.

A nut or bolt head being turned during the tightening process can mar the part surface around the hole and a washer can be used to take the abuse as opposed to the part. This may be particularly applicable when the parts are a softer material such as plastic, brass or aluminum and a washer made of a harder material is used.

Of course, man does not live by bolts alone. To function properly, bolts need corresponding nuts and metal washers to properly fasten them to things. And also the proper tools with which to do any.

"We consider SMART WASHER as a game-changing sealing solution that fulfils the needs of aerospace suppliers – as well as other manufacturing industries – particularly those harsh environments where.

Black Titanium Flanged Hex Bolt M6 kawasaki er6 Benelli BN302 – visually reminiscent of hte kawasaki er-6n (photo: chris blain/gizmag) The BN302 has twin disc brakes and preload/rebound adjustable suspension at both ends. None of the more expensive.screws and washers Lawson products carries bolts, washers and socket screws in various sizes for applications ranging from sheet metal to wood. Our assortments of nuts and bolts, when combined with our washers and retaining rings, provide complete fastener coverage for your on-site applications.light weight, high quality aerospace grade titanium m10 flanged Hex Head Bolt with Rolled Threads, several lengths available.. Home / Titanium Fasteners / Titanium Bolts / Metric Bolts / Hex Head Flange Bolts / M10 Titanium Bolts. M10 Titanium Bolts.

When the bolt is tightened, the washer’s function is to disburse pressure evenly between two adjoined items or surfaces. It operates as a spacer or a seal. The bolt is a small fastener that connects or joins up the two surfaces. Usually made of metal, the bolt is sometimes referred to mistakenly as a "screw."