metric thread sizes explained

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Available from stock are Inch Coarse kits in sizes #8 through 1-1/2″, Inch Fine kits in sizes #10 through 1-1/2, Metric Coarse kits in sizes M3 through M20 and Metric Fine kits in sizes M8 through M20. All kits contain a Heli-Coil tap, installation tool, a quantity of inserts and detailed instructions. Master Thread.

A full designation for a metric thread includes information not only on the thread diameter and pitch but also a designation for the thread tolerance class. For example a thread designated as M12 x 1 – 5g6g indicates that the thread has a nominal diameter of 12mm and a pitch of 1mm..

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This means it’s a #6 diameter, with 32 threads per inch (almost double the normal thread count as a standard wood screw) and an inch and a half long. When the middle number is absent (6 x 1 1/2"), the screw has the "normal" number of threads per inch for that size and type of.

Screw sizes are written in an alphanumeric code that can be difficult to decipher if you’re not familiar with the system. Sequences like "4-30 x .10," "1/8-10 x 4/6" and "M5-.4 x 15" may seem meaningless, but they say a lot, and you need the right screw to do the job.

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Metric Screw Thread Chart Metric Tap Size Tap Drill in Inches Clearance Drill in Inches M1.6 x .35 #55 (.052) #50 (.070) M1.8 x .35 #53 (.057) #48 (.076)

METRIC thread sizes also use two numbers to identify thread size, for example: M3.5 x 0.60. The first number describes the major diameter in millimeters (to find decimal equivalent, divide millimeters by 25.4, 3.5 25.4 = 0.137").

How to Interpret Hose, Tube & Fittings "Dash Sizes" People that are new to the hydraulic and pneumatic industries often ask: What is a dash size?Simply put, a dash size refers to a diameter of a hose, tube or fitting in 1/16" increments.