metric screw size chart

A handy chart for converting metric screw sizes to imperial. Metric Size mm Approx. Inch Equivalent. 3.0 x 12 4 x 1/2

Spanner Sizes Versus Bolt / Nut thread size. Allen Key size versus Bolt / Nut thread size. Correct Drill size for Tapping Metric threads in holes.

banjo connector Bandit 600 98 Fork Pinch Bolts Those pinch bolts are really there to keep the big nut on the right side of the axle from rotating once you have it set snug enough. Those bolts are fine around 15 to 20lbs on a torque wrench.. Due to purchase my first GSXR 600 SRAD tomorrow – The bike is a 98 version. Any helpful tips on.A banjo fitting (also called an internally relieved bolt) comprises a perforated hollow bolt and spherical union for fluid transfer. They are commonly found in automotive fuel, oil and hydraulic systems (e.g.: brakes and clutch). The pipe connected may be either rigid or a flexible hose. The main advantage of the fitting is in high pressure applications (i.e. more than 50 bar).

The design principles of ISO general-purpose metric screw threads ("M" series threads) are defined in international standard ISO 68-1. Each thread is characterized by its major diameter, D (D maj in the diagram), and its pitch, P.ISO metric threads consist of a symmetric V-shaped thread.

M6 Hexagon Flange Bolt Stainless Steel zxr 400 Kawasaki ZXR 400 Engine and Transmission. The Kawasaki ZXR 400 is a 4 stroke, Sport bike with a Liquid cooled 398.00 ccm (24,17 cubic inches) In-line four, 4 Valve type of engine. This engine then gets the power to the rear wheel with a Chain driven transmission.Bel-Metric BF6X60SS – Flange Bolt Stainless Steel [BF6X60SS] – M6X1.0X60, M6X60 Metric Stainless Steel Smooth Bottom Hex Flange Bolt The flange under the hex head acts as a built-in washer to evenly distribute pressure over a larger area against the fastening surface. Diameter: 6mm Pitch: 1.0 coarse thread length: 60mm wrench: 10mm Head Height 6.6mm Flange diameter: 14.2mm din 6921 / ISO 8102.

Metric Screw Thread Chart Metric Tap Size Tap Drill in Inches Clearance Drill in Inches M1.6 x .35 #55 (.052) #50 (.070). Outside Diameter of screws in inches MM Inches MM Inches MM Inches 1.6 .063 6.0 .236 19 .748

Important Data, Metric, Machine Screws. Position of Head: The axis of the head shall be located at a true position relative to the axis of the screw shank within a tolerance zone having a diameter equivalent to 6% of the specified maximum head diameter, or the specified maximum width across flats of hex and hex flange heads,

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Tap size: Basic major dia (mm) Basic major dia (inch) mm per thread: Drill size (mm) Drill size (inch)

m8 bolt dimensions Metric Bolts. Metric bolts are sized according to diameter, distance or spacing (in millimeters) between threads and length. For example a size of 12×1.75×30 translates to a bolt that is 12mm in diameter, has a distance of 1.75 between the threads and is 30mm long.. Metric bolt sizes can also be listed as M6x1x25.

SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREWS Metric Body and Grip Lengths. BODY and GRIP LENGTHS. LENGTH LB LG. 39 LG is the maximum grip length and is the distance from the bearing surface to the first complete thread. LB is the minimum body length and is the length of the unthreaded cylindrical portion of the shank. Nominal Size. M1.6 M2 M2.5 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10.

Metric Bolt Conversion Metric bolt conversion data for industrial bolts/rods , machine screws and small diameter fasteners from Elgin Fastener Group includes metric to standard bolt conversions. The chart below shows metric bolt conversions and DIN numbers for fasteners.

Bellow are ISO/DIN accepted thread pitch charts for commonly found metric fasteners. Here is Lightning Bolt's Metric Bolt Thread Pitch Chart. In the Imperial.

This chart contains information on number, metric and fractional number socket head cap screws, along with tap drill information. If all else fails, you may want to use our Drill Size Conversion Table or our Tap Drill Size Calculator.The information available from our sources is usually sufficient for all computer related drill or screw requirements world wide.