M4 Washer Dimensions

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Sizes and availability for Form G Flat Washer in metric measurements, in Steel, A2 Stainless Steel, A4 Stainless Steel materials

v.1.4 August 2007 Quality Fasteners Since 1935 Flat & Square Section Spring Washers METRIC ROUND SPRING WASHER MILD STEEL DIN127B Part Size OD Thk Width Pack

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Washers. DIN 125-A2/A4 / ISO 7089,7090 Flat Washer; DIN 433-A2/A4 Small O.D. Flat Washer; DIN 9021B-A2/A4 Fender Washer; DIN 127B-A2/A4 Lock Washer; din 7980-a4 high collar lock Washer; DIN 137B-A2 Crinkled Spring Lock Washer; DIN 6798A-A2 Serrated External Washer; DIN 6798J-A2 Serrated Internal Washer; DIN 93-A4 Tab Washer (Long Tab) Nuts. DIN.

USS and SAE washer dimensions. print this page . Size USS SAE; Inside Diameter (A) Outside Diameter (B) Thickness

The following tables define the sizes for metric flat washers per ISO 7089.

Metric washers – Form A DIN 125 BS 4320 A Materials and Finishes Steel/Zinc & clear Stainless steel/Self colour Brass/Self colour Dimensions For metric screws d nom D nom s nom

Washers can also be specially manufactured in any material Dimensions for Form C Washers

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Helical spring lock washers made of materials other than carbon steel are available in the regular series. split lock helical spring washer Size Dimension Table Chart ANSI/ASME B18.21.1. ANSI and Metric Hardware Resources Tables and References.

Contents 2 1 m3.5 3.6 6.0 2 1 m3.5 3.6 Universal throttle/ accelerator cable.comprehensive address Friendliest address search Metric Flat Washer BS4320. Metric Standard Flat Washer BS 4320 form A the most popular through to form G showing dimensions. Form A is identical to the more popular German specification DIN125.

m10 countersunk bolt ISO 9001: 2001 certified custom manufacturer of special metric stainless steel bolts. Types of metric bolts include countersunk bolts, elevator bolts, indented hex flange bolts, trimmed hex flange.

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Metric washers – Form A DIN 125 BS 4320 A Materials and Finishes Steel/Zinc & clear Stainless steel/Self colour Brass/Self colour Dimensions For metric screws d nom D nom s nom M1.6* 1.7 4 0.3 M1.7* 1.8 4.5 0.3 M2 2.2 5 0.3 m2.3* 2.5 6 0.5 M2.5 2.7 6 0.5 M2.6* 2.8 7 0.5 M3 3.2 7 0.5 M3.5* 3.7 8 0.5 M4 4.3 9 0.8