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Q: Does the auto industry have any plans to provide one odd-sized lug nut for each wheel to deter theft? – T.G., New Lenox, Ill. A: One odd-size lug nut would probably do nothing to stop a determined.

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Lock nuts Lock nuts are used to locate bearings onto a shaft. Additionally, they can be used to mount bearings with a tapered bore onto tapered shaft seats and adapter sleeves, and to dismount bearings from withdrawal sleeves. Lock nuts are also frequently used to secure gears, belt pulleys and other machine components.

Lock nuts are designed to prevent nuts from working loose. A loose nut can be caused by vibration and is common when it comes to lawnmowers, washing machines, garbage disposals and other equipment that constantly moves, shifts or even vibrates. It can also occur if a nut is not tightened enough or if it is subjected to extremes in temperature.

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Castle lock nuts have a slot cut into one end that projects past the nut’s opening. Once the lock nut is threaded onto the fastener and rotated into position, it is secured with a cotter pin. Heavy Hex Lock Nut (81)

Nylon lock nuts differ from a standard hex nut in that they have a nylon insert secured within the nut. The nylon insert is located in a tapered section located at the back of the nut. When you install the nylon lock nut onto a bolt or threaded stud, the nylon insert wraps around the threads and locks the nut in place.

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242 Metric Lock Nuts KM Series KML Series KM Series KML Series Dimensions Lock Nut Part No. D3 D4 g Lock Nut Part No. D3 D4 g D1 C S T D6 Wt. kg KM00 18 13 14 – – – – M10 x 0.75 4 3 2 10.5 0.005

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