How to Paint Motorcycle Bolts

Never had an issue with the bolts on Givi stuff but I totally agree that the paint on their products is crap. Paint on Crashbars generally lasts a year or so over here before it starts to blister from underneath. They use absolutely no undercoating and poor quality paint.

Titanium Bolts M6 Adam Contoret, 45, was unaware the axle was hanging off as he cruised along the M6. Adam holding the chunky bolts that should have been used. But when Adam got home with the £21,000 Mondeo Titanium.

During a motorcycle restoration, the owner will be faced with many challenges.One of these challenges will concern the surface finish of an item, or to be more precise: whether or not to have an item painted, plated or powder coated. The decision will generally come down to the cost or the likely reliability of the component.

The proper way is for the paint/markings to go on the bolt and surface to create an unbroken line. If the line is broken, chances are it has been undone or is coming loose. As long as the line isn’t broken, all is good. Also known as tamper proof markings. Even though they can still be undone in conventional means,

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These are some of the more common problems you and I will run across when painting, along with a guide on how to correct these paint and bodywork mistakes. Hot Rod Roadkill

I didn’t notice that there were two colours on my bolts. I does make a lot of sense though. Since I’m assembling the engine I consider painting the bolts worth doing. I will simply find some similar looking paint to stick on the bolts when I check them. This way i can make sure I’m not missing any and to be able to check them for movement later.

How to Paint A Motorcycle. Set up a separate painting room and line it with a plastic sheet along the walls to protect the walls. Hammer the plastic sheet using nails and a hammer. Use a masking tape to make the plastic sheet stick to the wall especially on the floor. Get a fan, a fan will fan out excess paint.

Nolan describes their paint as “earth-friendly and water-based. I think it’s something that should be standard on all motorcycle helmets because it works. How can Nolan be making any money on these.

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