Hex-Head Bolt

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Hex Head Bolt Dimensions ASME B18.2.1 What is the dimensions of a hex head bolt? If you have a question, concern or comment, feel free to contact us.

A hex “tap” bolt is a term used to describe a fully threaded hex bolt. Many of our customers will use the terms “Hex Tap Bolt” and “fully threaded hex cap screw” interchangeably. Remember, that in the U.S., a “bolt” is a fastener that is designed to be used with a nut.

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These hex bolts have hexagonal heads and are These hex bolts have hexagonal heads and are for general purpose applications with a socket type installation tool or standard wrench. The standard bolt is compatible with standard nuts and washers of the same thread pitch grade and finish.

Cap Screws & Bolts – Grades 5 &8 Dimensions For Standard Hex Cap Screws Length of a cap screw is measured from the underhead bearing surface to the extreme end of the screw

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 · The Power-Bolt anchor is a heavy duty sleeve style anchor which is vibration resistant and removable. It is available with a finished hex head or flat head with a hex key insert and can be used in concrete, block, brick, or stone

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Online shopping for hex bolts (hex head cap screws) grade 5 coarse thread and zinc plating. Hex bolts, commonly called hex head cap screws, are bolts with a hexagonal or six sided head. A hex cap screw is actually manufactured with tighter tolerances and can be used anywhere a hex bolt is used.

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