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PORTLAND – It’s the main event in the battle over how to close a bottle of wine: Cork vs. screw cap. To some, it’s a matter of style. To others, it’s an issue of quality. And now, it’s a question of.

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There is an ongoing debate involving screw-caps and the cork and some would insinuate that wines with screw caps are not up to par for their palate. You could say this debate is almost as big as the.

These screw-ups cost investors – in transaction fees and embarrassment. Larger company (Ticker) /Smaller company (Ticker).

My feelings about screw caps on wine have been complicated. I know that good wine can be under a screw cap, but I also have had fear of the screw cap. Will people think I’m cheap or have bad taste in.

Q: Does wine in screw top bottles age as well as wine in bottles with a cork? A: Knowing there’s rarely a simple answer when it comes to wine, I reached out to an expert at the University of.

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The cold can last up to 48 hours without having to be refilled. You just have to pour water in it and then screw the cap on.

If you’re a wine drinker, you’ve probably noticed that screw caps are no longer considered the closure just for cheap vino. Increasingly, bottles of very good wines are unscrewed, rather than uncorked.

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My column last Sunday, “Screw cap vs. cork? Many vintners say Screw it,'” about how wines age under screw cap, generated a lot of passionate reactions in my email inbox. Who knew wine closures could.

About thirty percent of the wine on offer at Chicago’s Embeya-a modern pan-Asian restaurant with French accents-is screw cap. And, according to owner and wine director Attila Gyulai, it’s the younger.